Happy Mandela Day

Happy Mandela Day from the DJ Sbu Breakfast, with DJ Sbu and Motshidisi Mohono.

Today we celebrate the life of late president, Nelson Mandela who would’ve celebrated his 99th birthday this year. 
SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE: Media analyst for the Nelson Mandela Foundation

We had Lunga Nene, media analyst from the Nelson Mandela foundation in studio today to speak more on Mandela Day and what being a part of the organization means to her. 

She says there’s need to do more for the people of our country than we currently do and that it shouldn’t be limited to this day.
 “R2 isn’t enough, buy him a pair of sneakers every 3 months,” she says of poor and homeless people that we see on the streets.”
 She says that while she initially went to work for the Foundation because the job looked appealing, the job ended up changing her.
“when I applied to the foundation, I was applying for a job that looked appealing but faith works the way that it does and the foundation has done so much for me, personally”.
She also lets us know that the Mandela Day initiative is not just nationally recognised but is instead a day that was adopted by the United Nations so it’s a global initiative.
“We can’t have a hold on what everyone is doing but we have about 30 or 40 stakeholders that we are engaged with and we can track the impact of the culture through them”.
 Today they will be out at a school in Orlando in Soweto and she says that she is personally excited about the prospect of building a jungle gym for the children to play on.
 She also says that we need to be more aware of where we come from as a country and understand what it took for us to be able to do the various things that we do.  
“Respect your space, they (our stalwarts) fought for you to have it.”
It’s really been beautiful having Lunga here and was a reminder that it really doesn’t take a lot to have a positive impact on people around you.
We’re back bright and early tomorrow morning, exclusive to Massiv Metro at 6AM.

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