Unscripted Female Power

It’s a beautiful Thursday morning and we brought you another beautiful show this morning on the DJ Sbu Breakfast with DJ Sbu and Motshidisi Mohono.

DRY HUMOUR: Comedian, Roni Modimola co-hosting the DJ Sbu Breakfast

Today, we co-hosted with comedian Roni Modimola who has been in the industry since 1998 and worked on the Pure Monate Show as a writer and actor as well as in Bantu Hour and Blitz Patrollie amongst others.

Today was a jam-packed show with a lot of what’s happening in the country being covered today. Just before 7 o’clock, we spoke to Jonathan Ayache, General Manager of Uber South Africa with regards to the recent attack on an Uber driver where his car was set alight and he subsequently died.

In the 7 o’clock hour, we discussed a recent tweet sent out by media personality Tbo Touch. “The only difference between the guy I just drove pass begging in the streets and myself is our mental disposition. Let’s change how we THINK”.

Not long after that tweet was sent, Twitter weighed in on the tweet with some saying that Touch was coming off as elitist and painting himself as better than the ordinary, black person and others saying that Touch was misunderstood as he was saying that people misunderstood his saying that we are in control of our destiny as being condescending.

UNAPOLOGETIC: Actress Chi Mhende (@chi_mhende) spoke out about the difficulty of playing a transgender character is South African society.

Our guest, Chi Mhende, ran late this morning and joined us just before 8AM.

She is renowned for playing Wandile on Generations, a transgender character who went through the change.

She spoke to us about the experience of playing the character and then the reaction of the greater public as a result of that portrayal.

“Because of them designing the boy, it resulted in my breasts being strapped, my clothes being bigger to fully portray the character. Some of the gogos and mamas would come up to me and touch me wherever, to try and understand what was happening”.

“When the character transitioned, and became a woman, a lot of men started approaching me. One of the most interesting things that was exposed to me was their sexuality – their gay children, their transgender children and their desire to perform sexual acts in an alternative way”.

“What led me to this role is my own feminist nation and own feminist power”.

“Why are so quick to criticize the power and depth of a woman’s vocal power?” she says with regards to people’s reaction to how deep her voice naturally is.

She also says that the idea of the term normal is restrictive and that she does not pa

“I think I intimidate men who have yet to find the man within themselves, because the men who have found the man within themselves are excited”.

She was a very interesting guest because she held nothing back as she articulated her thoughts on the way that South Africans talk about and experience sex and sexuality, patriarchy and its lingering effects as well as the acting world.

She’s got so much depth and opinions on almost everything and it’s wonderful to hear her fearlessness and strength in her opinions as a young, black female.

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