Soulstar kicked off the #AllStarFriday show for the #DJSbuBreakfast

What another super awesome #AllStarFriday we had today.

We kicked off the show with a prayer; and a Kwaito mix by DJ Fix got the Friday festivities started. It was mostly dedicated to TKZee with most songs being the group’s classics.

Vista visited us again today, after a long time – it’s been about 2 months. It was good to see him and he also came with a bunch of mixes for us.

SOUL’D OUT: Soulstar kicked off the #AllStarFriday show for the #DJSbuBreakfast

We then got Soulstar into the studio with our signature welcome and he definitely enjoyed it. He’s such a humble guy who’s just recently released his album and he’s here to debut his latest single called I Can Feel It which features Tumi.

He’s worked with Culoe De Song and Black Coffee before and he’s created some of the biggest hits. He believes that music saved him because he was a very wild and naughty boy growing up. He was passionate about politics and law and says that’s where he would be if it wasn’t for music.

We dropped his brand new song and wrapped his interview with him saying he’s very proud of his own project that has 13 awesome tracks and he says that people should go out and get it.

From 7 o’clock we hung out with K.O who’s just dropped his new song called No Feelings. He’s so chilled and says he had to take a young break for people to miss him and also for him to regroup. He also says the break was more of a spiritual journey.

K.O’s vision for his position has always been to be a change in the Hip Hop industry. As a result, he looked up to Oskido and DJ Sbu, locally, and Diddy internationally.

He says he’s back now and plans to give people more than what they’re expecting. He’s now channeling his inner self and wants to give people a taste of who he really is. He touched on some of the controversies that have made headlines involving him, including CashTime. He says he created the CashTime platform for like-minded people and that the truth will always prevail when things happen in public about private matters.

RIP HUMBLE KO: Skhanda king, K.O (@mrcrashtime) says that
he’s not holding anything back with his new project dropping later this year

He also feels that his artists then dragged their feet with regards to putting out music but when he would put out a product, the public felt that as though he was hogging the spotlight.

He says the whole saga really got him emotional and he actually cried about it but his family and best friend helped him through with the guidance and support. He also made mention of the fact that him and his business partner Thabiso have come to the end of their business relationship. But, he says, their friendship will always be strong and they will still do business in the future.

We wrapped it up with him mentioning that he’s got a new venture together with his best friend called Skhanda Republic and that his album is coming later this year with another new song due out next month.

We closed off the show with a hot Friday mix from Vista as we take on the weekend before coming back on Monday morning to give you the best breakfast in the land – exclusive to Massiv Metro.

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