Wisdom Wednesday on the DJ Sbu Breakfast

It’s Wisdom Wednesday!

The show started off with a prayer before Zanele Shabalala gave us the top of the hour news bulletin.

Comedian, Tracey Lee, gave us her triple play this morning and her mellow and soulful selection to soothe us into the day. She started us off with D’Angelo, followed by Drake with Rihanna then closed it off with Ed Sheeran.

We took a look at what’s dominating today’s newspapers and Zodwa Wabantu and her Zimbwabwe story made the Daily Sun and The Star and we also went through the Sowetan newspaper.

Zanele Shabalala gave us the news headlines at the bottom of the hour with Motshidisi Mohono on sports, before we moved on to the Vuk’ubangene song requests from our listeners.

We touched on the disaster that happened in Houston, Texas in America where Hurricane Harvey hit the state. That led to a heavy conversation about pastor Joel Osteen apparently only offering prayers to the people of Texas instead of opening up his church doors for people to take cover in.

We also got comments from our listeners who had a lot to say about people relying on prayer and lacking action.

It’s interesting how people have so much to say about situations that they’re sometimes not even associated with. Some situations aren’t always as what they seem. Humans are always judging and commenting on things that they feel need their comments. I guess that’s why people have freedom of expression.

We welcomed into the studio D-Empress in the last hour of the show after Zanele Shabalala gave us the last bulletin of the show.

D-Empress is an artivist – artist-activist. She believes that everyone is an artist. She uses her art to ignite people’s souls and she’s also a healer. She’s currently a Social Sculpture PhD researcher and practitioner based at Oxford Brookes University, UK. Her research is entitled, Evoking Belonging: Igniting Ubuntu as a cultural meme, through Social Sculpture strategies, participatory performances and cultural mapping, in the context of Urban sustainable development.

She’s got this deep and conscious aura about her. She also mentions that she’s always been wired differently.

She believes that people should always be aware of their gifts and things that they’re passionate about. She deliberately works with successful women who are impactful I’m their fields.

She’s a researcher and she explores. She enjoys keeping people motivated and passionate. She’s interested in women and culture. She believes in actively participating in our own liberation.

She believes in Soul Fire and says that love is powerful and everyone needs to follow their calling.

We’re back again morning on the #DJSbubreakfast with the Arch Bishop of Radio, DJ Sbu, alongside Motshidisi Mohono. We’ve got Lorcia Cooper on our final Thespian Thursday for August.

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