The President’s Award on The Domino Effect

The President’s award is a platform for participants to progress at their own pace through three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.  There are four Sections to the programmed that must be done for a specified minimum period of time, for each level: Skills; Physical Recreation; Service and; an Adventurous Journey. Nkagare Makundu sits in studio to tell us more about the President’s Award and how it helps young people.

Nkagare shares that he has always had a passion for youth development, young people capacitate themselves into being business minded. “We need to teach them from a young age to be able to think like entrepreneurs ” says Ngakari.

To become a president you need to carry a great quality and stand for your Core Values. You need to be accountable and have scar skills. Nkagari teaches us about this principle and emphasizes entrepreneurship for young people on The Domino Effect.

Catch them again live on MassivMetro on Thursday from 11:00 to 12:00 as they give you The Domino Effect

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