LeAnne Dlamini & Sean Barker on the Domino Effect

“No is the start of every conversation” says Sean Barker, the founder of Rockets restaurant as he graces the studio this morning.

He’s is here to give us tips on how to open up a world class restaurant.

If you don’t have any background in running a restaurant, look at other restaurants around you in the area you are.
– Make sure you get a proper location for your restaurant.
– Have a distinguishing factor about your restaurant (decor, waiters uniform )
– Make sure your food is dynamite

LeAnne Dlamini joined us in studio and told us about her musical journey. She relives her X Factor audition in studio and serenades us.

Because this is still The Domino Effect we play TheBeanBoozle Challenge with her, she didn’t get beanboozled on the first try but we couldn’t let her leave without losing!

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