Actors Siphiwe Mtshali & Malgofe Moagi on Jampas

Today in history South Africa is told by IAEA to open all nuclear plants to international inspection. On 28 september 1984, the 266th plenary meeting of the international Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was held. In a summary document of the meeting entitled South Africa Nuclear Capabilities the IAEA stated that it was alarmed that South Africa’s unsafeguarded nuclear facilities enable it to acquire the capability of producing usable material for nuclear weapons.

Our quote of the day is “Let’s use these God-Given grounds to “Build’’ There’s enough capacity for greatness in South Africa, a positive empire” by Culoe de Song.

In the second hour we have in studio South African actor Siphiwe Mtshali who is not only an actor but the best known presenter for hosting SABC1 dance show Jam Alley. He shares with us that he is in a great space, married to a beautiful wife who gave him five beautiful sons.

He continued to say that his kids speak more than 2 languages because he is installing in them that they need to learn all the SA languages.

“As an all-round entertainer I have learned to surround myself with people who lift me up than put me down and “my wife is my everything” He says. They have a company called Iziki and they are busy with a reality show, not only that he and the wife have a song together called Thula and she came up with the concept. She on the other hand has a children’s book published.

The Thulo song is inspired by all the rumours out there and they are simply saying “keep quite”. They added that more is coming and you must expect a lot from both of them and their kids as well.

He further advised us “You may go through hardships and feel that you are not going to overcome the pain well you need to know and believe that you will because you will” Its good to cry and not bottle things up” he also reminded us.

You can follow them on social media Siphiwe Mtshali on Facebook and for bookings [email protected] or call Jerry on 0725331890.

Also in the second hour we have South African actress Malgofe Moagi was born in Phalaborwa, Limpopo. She is not only an actor but a presenter, businesswoman, model and master of ceremonies best known for her role as charity Ramabu on SABC drama series Skeem Saam.

She shares with us that she cautions a lot of her audience that they must go to school and get into this industry when they have qualified from school and that can be their backup plan. She carried on to say “Young girls and posting naked pictures on social media, not realising that those pictures are there forever, you may be head hunted and when they go through your history you will lose the opportunity because your past will not speak what the culture of the business says’’.

She continued to say she does not understand why condoms are offered in high school or why it is allowed for a 12 year old to have sex, do abortions or drink prevention pills.

She later advised the youth and she says “My youth trust God in everything you do, invite Him in everything you do and always know that you need to meet God half way because God can’t bless you if you are not doing anything and beautiful girls please know that beauty fades and you need to go to school and study hard. Also have a beautiful heart so you are beautiful in and out”’.

Follow her on social media she is Makgofe Moagi.

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