Voice of Wisdom discusses Radical Economic Transformation

The Vow show understands and brings to you topics that not only inspire but transform lives every single Monday and today is no different. Radical Economic Transformation is the discussion today.

We started the show as always with Teddy Pendergrass-Wake Up and we are to play many more awesome songs as the show goes on.

We have in studio the amazing Dr Danisa Baloyi who is the president of the Black Business Council, She also was the mother of Black Economic Development, and she was in exile and came back from America to push an economic programme that will be beneficial to the majority of South Africans.

Dr Danisa takes us through our very own topic Radical Economic transformation.” In the early 90s we had what we called the Black Economic Commission and I was part of the commissioners, we crafted what we felt at that time could have changed behaviour in terms of how black people participated in changing this economy and we came up with the seven peelers like ownership, skills developments, enterprise development and more which still exist today. However to us it was important that black people begin to own part of the economy.”

She continued to say “Treasury and the minister of finance could go to Eskom and Transnet and say set aside these pieces of procurement for small black companies but they have tightened that as well, they have used the law to make it impossible for black business.” Now why do we say Radical Economic Transformation? We are saying something has got to drastically change from where we are to where we want to be. If we take a step back and look at where has the economy of South Africa gone from 1994 to now, we are more constrained than we were even in 1994. I think we’ve been closed out from the value chain, closed out from opportunities and it’s become increasingly difficult.

She added that radical economic transformation says “black people are outside the economy! Bring them in.” Dr Martin added to say that he thinks that if you as an individual want an investment but cannot get it because of your political views is not right, it is not justice.

She also says “As we grow older we understand the importance of not being selfish with our activities, we are human beings we make mistakes and even at my age I will make mistakes but those mistakes turn to be lessons, making mistakes does not relegate you to a dustbin, your strength of character will come out of how you emerge out of that kind of travesty and it is always possible to come back do good work even better than before.

“Our young people should never give up, never ever be told you are not good enough or that you can’t, nobody must ever make you believe that you are less than what is the best.” she says.

Mama T closed the show giving us the heads up of next week’s topic the impact of Diaspora both continental and those who were in slaved Africans.

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