Mzee Mbuli aka Robot Boii on The Domino Effect

This morning we talk to Mzee Mbuli also known as Robot Boii / McDGuy and he teaches us How To become an influencer. Making the post looking authentic is very important when you are an influencer. You don’t want people to actually see that you are selling them a product but make them feel like it’s something that you actually do. “Followership is important but it again goes back to who is there and how much influence you have.” Mzee says people should not be afraid to DM companies if they would like to work with them, ‘people underestimate the power of a DM’, he adds.

Mbali Nkosi finally joins us and says the most amazing moment in her career was when all Access called her.  Hike Club SA is her baby, She loves being out in the wild and thought of Hike Club SA. To be a part of it you just need to mailed them and they will give you the information of the next hike. “I want to be happy and live a fulfilled life. I want to live in the moment.” She shares right before she get BeanBoozled.

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