We talk Youth Poetry Festival 2017 on Jampas

Our quote today is “Making the simple complicated is commonplace; Making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s Creativity.” By Charles Mingus.

This day in history Winnie Mandela speaks out against Terrorism Act. Winnie Mandela, wife of the then imprisoned African National Congress leader, Nelson Mandela ends her thirteen years of enforced silence with a strong attack on the country’s Terrorism Act. Mandela was twice detained under section 6 of the notorious Terrorism Act, which permitted 90 days imprisonment without trial. She was repeatedly placed under solitary confinement in the Pretoria Central Prison and allowed only one visitor at time. The only thing that kept her going was the Mandela name and her two young daughters, who were a constant reminder of survival. Mandela criticised the Act as Afrikaner’s cowardly manner of trying to suppress those that speak against the horrendous deeds of the government.

In this first hour we have a telephonic interview with Phakama Qhakaza whose is telling us about SA meets Italy which is creating poetic borders between South Africa and Italy saying “over the last three years the World N Sound Live Literature Company has implemented a strategic overseas expansion programme, which primarily funded through the Erasmus Plus Fund and other culture agencies.

The South Africa meets Italy project, as part of the 7th Word N Sound International Youth Poetry Festival 2017 and supported by the Istituto Italiano Di Cultura in Pretoria is an expansion of this vision and while working small, aims to lay the foundation for new way young people in different countries can engage in creative dialogue and foster mutually beneficial cultural relations.

Every year October we feature upcoming artist, we have 26 artists for five different events, we always try t shift and remove poetry from only being Shakespeare to making it understandable, creative and engaging as well as entertaining.

To attend this tomorrow Friday 6 October 2017 market theatre Laboratory, Newtown, 19:00-22:00 R150 tickets at the door

Workshops session-  1. 10:00-11:30 Spoken Word as a Tool of Cultural Diplomacy

  1. 12:00-13:30 Mak Manaka-page Inside M Stage
  2. 14:00-15:30 Mandisa Vundla- Writing from the Urgent Voice

For more info follow them on social media they are Word N Sound.

In the second Hour we have another telephonic interview with Mr Tendani Tsedu who is in the Council for Science and Innovaytion Research (CSIR). He is talking to us about hosting the 6th bi-annual conference from the 6-5 October 2017, he continued to say “The event is about how science can develop the industries and we look at what other industries can be developed by science and technology so we can then create job. Also to share best practice from foreign countries that have revived their industries.

We need to look into procurement, we need more business to open and produce local products, there are a lot of people with ideas and we need to help develop those ideas.

An element of this conference will include an exhibition of Science in Action where some of the organisation’s latest developed technologies.

The conference will be free of charge in Pretoria.

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