DJ Zinhle unpacks being a mother, writing a book and shuts down the Bonang narrative

Pioneering DJ, mother and now author, DJ Zinhle shut it down with The Father and let us in on what is happening in her life right now.

They were also joined by Leadership coach and DJ Zinhle’s business partner, Nokubonga Mbanga. The pair have recently released a book called Meeting Your Power: Returning Home to Yourself.

It came about as a result of the show that the two powerhouses worked on titled It Takes a Village where they worked with young girls and helped them with some of the challenges that they were dealing with.

The book deals with issues such of self-worth, dealing with fear, having gratitude, managing the comparison trap and more.

“We are not there sitting on high ground, that’s the beauty about the book. We were writing this book as human beings sharing stories that other human beings have experienced as well. We took a decision that it must be simple but also relatable,” explains Nokubonga Mbanga of the book.

“The book starts where we disowned our personal power and we go back as far as high school and we are connecting the dots,” says Nokubonga.

Of the message that can be found in the book, she says, “you are your own empowerment project. The ability to own your own power, resides with you. We’ve got the ability to be smarter about our emotions. When you read the book, you also realise that you are not on your own”.

DJ Zinhle also spoke on motherhood and how it has changed and impacted her.

“It has brought me back to the moment. She appreciates and celebrates the smallest things and it has made me that person, too, who just appreciates every moment. And, she is very loving and she has brought me back to my loving self because this industry can make you forget that side of yourself”.

After having gone through her famously discussed break-up with AKA and all the scandal involved around it, she says that she realised that pain can be beneficial to one’s growth.

“To a certain level, pain is an instrument that you can either use to destroy yourself or you can use it to build again. And, there is also beauty in hitting rock bottom because you can either stay and simmer there or you can take a different direction and there’s only one way from rock bottom.”

On Bonang Matheba, she simply says “my journey with Bonang ended three years ago, if there ever was a journey”.

What is her relationship with the father of her baby, AKA, like?

“I’m very proud of him, he’s doing very well. We are very good; we are fixing our friendship so that we can co-parent better. It’s better for us when we get along as we raise the child. We are very very good.”

“I just had to make decisions that I could live with despite all the advice I got at the time. I had to do things that made sense to my values and to my life at the time,” she explains of the whole debacle with AKA, Bonang and herself.

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