Esbayeni crew joined by legendary Motswako rapper, Hip Hop Pantsula

The Esbayeni crew was joined by legendary Motswako rapper, Hip Hop Pantsula today at the Ekurhuleni Economic Youth Summit at the Birchwood Hotel.

Just a day before Youth Day, Jabbaman – as he as affectionately known – focused on the youth and some of the things that he feels they need to know.

One of the things that he says is important is having conversations with young people about being financially savvy and having more information at their disposal.

“You must never assume that people know. We can’t assume that people know that you can open a 32-day account and save money. We have to always be keeping this conversation going,” he said.

“The elevation of the black mind still has a long way to go.  It starts with first accepting that maybe you may not know,” he adds.

He adds that young people do not usually listen to what adults have to say but usually look out for what you aren’t saying but rather what you are doing and take the lead from there.

“I’ve been a father for almost 14 years what I’ve realised is that children don’t listen to what their parents say. My son doesn’t listen to what I say, he listens to what I don’t say – he susses me out”.

As far as young people and music, he says “seeing the new generation and seeing how they are active in what they are doing, I’m proud of the elevation”.

What are his thoughts on the current trap music wave?

“Trap music essentially is music that promotes the culture of drug use and it’s always been around – since the 80s.”

He’s currently working on Drum – an album that he says will be his last – that was supposed to come out tomorrow (16 June 2018) but due to unforeseen delays, will only be coming out later this year.

“I went to the US and recorded a couple of songs for the project there”.

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