Art Residence founder, Sipho Nanzwa on the DJ Sbu Breakfast

The early bird always catches the worm and the DJ Sbu Breakfast caught a yummy one in the form of Art Residence founder, Sipho Nanzwa.

The art residence was born to bridge the gap between artists and the entertainment industry by creating a platform to enhance the artist’s personality, persona and art on the relevant platforms. They aim to bring inspiration, education as well as personal and professional development to equip artists.

“The youth today are into drugs and they have lost their fire. I’m trying to use that fire of the youth of 1976 to put into the youth of today,” he said.

Art Residence founder, Sipho Nanzwa

The opportunity also comes at no cost to the artist, as he says people like DJ Sbu have taught him to tap into his philanthropic side.

“We don’t have a paying fee and what you do is get hold of me, show me your stuff and then we check [its quality] and then we outsource and we record you – and there is nothing that you will pay”.

Art Residence does not only cater to musicians or recording artists but for all art including dancing, singing and fine arts. His belief is “when you do something you love, eventually someone will notice”.

One of the interesting points made by Sipho Nanzwa was that “most of the kids end up being street kids because at home no one really understand to their passion’’ .

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