Isidingo cast members talk 20 years of TV, Youth Day and living their dreams

DJ Sbu Breakfast co-hosted the show with rising actress Makoto Phumodi today as we continue to celebrate young people doing amazing things in their industry throughout Youth Month.

Today we had three members of the Isidingo cast, Soso van der Ru, Motlatsi Mafatshe and Thulani Mtsweni.

The show has been on air for 20 years now and the team are celebrating the impact of the soapie on their lives and on the lives of viewers.

All three entertainers say that the one thing that stands out for them is the way that their roles and work impacts people.

“Every moment, everywhere I go, people are touched. And, it’s a dream. We are fortunate to be that vessel that brings hope,” explained Motlatsi.

Soso then recounted a story of when she was out with friends in Maboneng and she came across a girl who was out with friends but she had separated from them and was sitting outside and looked sad. Soso then approached her and spoke to her and the girl revealed that she was suicidal because her mother was sick, and that she, as the oldest child felt helpless at that point in time because she was unemployed. The two then exchanged numbers and Soso kept checking in on her and through that helped the girl to continue to have hope and to persevere until she found a job.

“It’s a big thing when people tell you that you restored their hope. It’s a big deal for someone to lose hope and to have someone tell you that you helped give them hope,” says Soso.

The trio also praised the Isidingo show, production and team for the way in which the environment is conducive for the growth of individual actors within the space.

Motlatsi is now a trainee director on the show and says that the show is progressive as they are often encouraged to expand into other avenues and grow within their craft.

While they are currently on a big production, they are also mindful of the fact that it is not an easy industry to be a part of and that there are many challenges that come with being in the business.

Makoto then asked them what advice they have for young actors and actresses to deal with the downtime between productions and when they may not have work.

Soso responded by saying, “being an artist is a very difficult choice because there are no guarantees. Once you decide to do something that you are passionate about, that you love and you are committed to it you are not swayed when something like that happens.”

“If into eyakho, ngeyakho – and no one can take that away from you,” she adds.

She also advises that actors continually look for work and productions that they can be a part of even while they are currently employed and a part of a production.

“When you get a gig and it’s for three months, you know that from the beginning. So, look for work that you can do after the three months. It’s up to you to be prepared… just be focused”.

Thulani advises people to keep busy and to create work for themselves when there is no work.

For more on their experience working on the show as well as their Youth Day messages, have a listen below:

In closing, Motlatsi said young people must chase their dreams and hustle for them to become a reality, while Thulani said that people shouldn’t question time and put themselves under pressure.

Soso left us with the advice that we should be kind to each other and pray, remembering that we are made in the image of God and she reminded us that “when you send dreams to the Universe, with a clean heart, things happen.”

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