The Master Class with Sir Max

Massiv Metro gets a Massiv Motivational injection through the Master Class with renowned speaker, radio personality and author Sir Max.

The North West native brings two hours of leadership and consciousness driven flavour, every Thursday from 7-9PM.

“We want to create a shift in leadership perspectives. Leadership is not a position that one occupies but a role or function that one fulfils,” explains Sir Max.

“We need a new generation of thought leaders – especially young people – who see themselves as leaders and act in that way. We live in a society where people are obsessed with titles, but, you can lead without a title”, he adds.

The Master Class with Sir Max: Tackling Life’s Biggest Questions, 1 Show At a Time.

Leadership will be the focus of the first hour of Master Class where he will bring in heavy-weight leaders such as Tim Modise to speak on their experiences in leadership roles. But, in line with being rocking, real and relevant, it won’t just be the pretty success stories that you will hear, but the authentic stories which will include their failures, times when they felt like giving up and how they managed to persevere to be revered in their industries.

“The idea is to see if we can brew the next generation to come up with a shift in leadership perspectives.”

His definition of a leader is “any person who has influence. If you can influence the space where you are, then you are in a leadership role”.

Launching in a very historic week – the week of anti-apartheid activist and stalwart Steve Biko’s death; Jamaican musician Peter Tosh’s assassination and the celebration of Ethiopia’s new year – the show will also highlight important and historic events that impact the world over as part of the Hour of Consciousness.

“The first hour of the show will be about leadership, but the second hour is what I call ‘The Hour of Consciousness – I deliberately use the word consciousness because we don’t really talk [about] religion anymore”.

Consciousness, according to the best-selling author, is “love, unity and everything that we want in life” as it is more encompassing and inclusive than religion has come to be understood.

“The key purpose of the show is to ask life’s biggest questions in everything”.

Catch Sir Max as he flexes his leadership and consciousness muscle on the MasterClass every Thursday from 19:00 – 21:00, exclusive to Massiv Metro.

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