KID X Unpacks Thank Da King on The Element

The 88 King, as he’s known to Hip Hop aficionados spoke of the journey to finally releasing his debut album – including a crazy story of how half of it went missing in ATL for a bit.

“I think when you’ve been working on it for so long – literally it’s your entire life’s work – it being my debut album, it’s like my life’s work. It’s actually a South African story for the world. I’m not limiting it to the borders of South Africa or Africa – I want it to go as far as it can”.

“I look at it as my journey and it being a constant evolution, so I think that’s what we’re all here, as humans, for and if I can help someone else sort of work on their journey and manoeuvre, that’s best,” he adds.

The album boasts smash hits Aunty, featuring Chiano Sky, Mtan Omuntu featuring Shwi Nomtekhala and Makwa, Jozi City Lights, Plaak and more.

“The main thing I try to focus on is just retelling my truth and putting it out there. My goal with the music is to inspire. So, by telling my story I know that there are people who are going to listen to it, resonate with certain things that I have come into contact with.

Not only has Kid X been stretched as an artist throughout his career, his mental strength has been fortified through challenges faced in the industry – evident in the way he carries himself and articulates the importance of spirituality and higher consciousness.

He says that the more people evolve and become their higher selves; they’re going to realise that whoever they were idolising is no different from them and that they could be that person as well.

“Through the journey of making my album and through searching for self and wanting to figure out what my journey on earth is, I realised that in as much as I feel like I’m special, we’re all special.”

He says that through people’s realisation of self and their special gifts, idolising of other people will also come to an end.

“We [are] all here for a specific reason. We all have gifts within us. The era of idolising people is something that’s coming to an end. We are realising our strengths as a people.”

“The era of putting on a façade is behind us. People want to engage with the actual person and ‘give us your story as bare as it is’. We are moving towards a time where it’s not about certain individuals – it’s about every single person.”

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