WIN! with ENO #StreetAppetite and Massiv Metro

ENO and Massiv Metro bring you #StreetAppetite, where we shine a spotlight on your favourite street food vendors.

Think Mam’ Thoko who sells the best amagwinya in your kasi or Bra Mike who makes the best kotas at the best price – that’s who we are after.

So, snap a selfie with, or a photo of, your favourite street food vendor – then post it on ENO South Africa’s Facebook page.


The food vendor could be cooking at the Street Food Market at Mehlareng Stadium in Tembisa and you could win 6 VIP tickets to the festival on 16 December 2018

Stay plugged in to Massiv Metro and the DJ Sbu Breakfast for more on ENO #WhatsForBreakfast and #StreetAppetite.

Sihamba Phansi.


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