Massiv Underground

What’s more rocking, real and relevant than three shows, back-to-back that showcase the hottest upcoming talent?

Absolutely nothing!

Massiv Metro brings you Massiv Underground, every Sunday from 6PM – 12AM CAT, which will showcase the next wave of radio’s best presenters.

The slot has three different shows presented by different radio-passionate, talented people who are looking to break into the broadcast industry with a touch of Massiv Magic.

Presenters who are a part of Massiv Underground will be trained in on-air delivery as well as technical and content production which will

Massiv Underground is a monthly program that happens once a week – on a Sunday – and allows candidates to grow while doing what they love.

The goal of this training program is to produce rocking, real and relevant content and technical producers, on-air talent as well as news/sports anchors. This is also to expose the candidates to our audience and give them the platform for exploring and growth.

This will possibly open doors in the organization and in the industry as a whole by association to the brand that is Massiv Metro.

If you, or someone you know, believe you have what it takes to be the next DJ Sbu or bigger, send your CV and demo to [email protected] and you could be one of the next Massiv Underground presenters.

It’s Rocking.

It’s Real.

It’s Relevant.

It’s the future of radio!


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  1. morena Maboe

    Good day i have been following Massiv Metro for a while and I love the energy. How do I engage the Massiv Unerground and be part of the movement and make use of my talents.

  2. Azizzar Mosupi

    Hi Morena,
    Thank you for keeping it rocking, real and relevant with us. Please send an email of your bio, demo and what you possibly have in mind to [email protected].

  3. Morena Maboe

    I will Forward them ASAP. Apologies for taking time to respond

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