The Element Gets Loved Up With Stino Le Thwenny

From the City of Roses to the City of Lights, Stino Le Thwenny injected The Element with a whole lot of love during the week of Valentine’s Day.

The pair recently released their love anthem, “My Love” in time for the couples who were loved up throughout the month of February and chatted to The Pristine Queen about love, music and plans for 2019.

“Single people right now should figure out how to get that love that only you deserve – don’t involve other people in YOUR love… YOUR love,” says Stino on single people who may have felt a bit awkward during the week of love.

On “My Love”, Thwenny explains that it is a song that is intended to bring colour to people’s lives through love – given that it is based on an experience he had.

“With this song, I wrote it for someone who I was involved with and I didn’t want us to part ways in a sour way so I wrote this song to let her know that it’s not because I don’t love you but I don’t want us to hate each other. It was my apology and my form of telling her I respect her so much”.

Given that it is still love month and their latest single is all about love, the pair gave their understanding and idea on what love is.

Stino says “love for 2020 is understanding and respect – there is nothing more beautiful than when you have respect for each other and understand each other… because love is also effort”.

Thwenny on the other hand, says that love is ‘home’. “I really should be your home if you love me. You should trust me like you trust a home on Christmas and Sunday.” Hear more on what the gents had to say about love, 2019 plans and #OpenTheIndustry here:

Catch the duo’s infectious freestyle, here:

The Element broadcasts on Massiv Metro every Saturday, 15:00 – 18:00 CAT and is presented by The Pristine Queen, Azizzar.

It’s all #ForTheLoveOfHipHop.

Sihamba Phansi. 

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