The Element gets Supa Dupa Clean with K.O.

Following a brief hiatus and coming back with smash hit, Supa Dupa. K.O kicked it with The Pristine Queen on The Element.

The artist, entrepreneur and fashionista has been dominating the airwaves and music charts with his recent single, which preaches positivity in the midst of challenges and people who don’t have loyalty.

In addition to speaking on Supa Dupa, he spoke about his current mind frame, his latest range from Skhanda World and let us in on what the biggest misconception about him is.

The former Cashtime Life head honcho answered a listener question on whether he would have another record label and said that the opportunity to share his gift in that way has presented itself and that he may just take the opportunity up.

He explained how he had come into the game through Teargas and how when he wanted to go solo, as an artist, he didn’t necessarily want to do it alone.

“I built a team around me and created an opportunity for fellow young, like-minded people, at the time and I saw the results of that – good and bad.”

“The opportunity is there for me again to utilise my platform and utilise my gift and now I’m entertaining that idea,” he said and added that he has been in talks with Sony about it and that they are in the process of finalising the idea.

On how he would advise someone who aspires to walk the entrepreneurial journey in the music business, he says that having a good emotional distance from artists on the label is a key thing that he has learnt.

“Get your business in order… don’t get too close… you can be financially invested but don’t get personally and emotionally invested,” he said.

He also spoke of the loneliness that he has experienced over the past two years during his public hiatus and how it taught him that “once you remove yourself, people remove themselves from your life as well”.

Overall, things are looking Supa Dupa for the Skhanda Gawd with a new album on the way, that he says should be coming out in the third quarter of the year and the latest Skhanda World range out and available at Studio 88 stores now.

Listen to the full interview here: 

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