The Element Gets A Vibe With Ms Supa

Pioneering rapper and business woman, Ms Supa, joined The Pristine Queen on The Element and they chopped it up about Vibe, Women in Hip Hop and the way the game has evolved.

A veteran in the game, having started rapping at 13 years old and actively participating in the culture from about 2005, she is the first woman to grace the cover of HYPE magazine.

The dynamic artist spoke on the representation of women in the Hip Hop space, ownership and where she believes the focus should be.

“I’m just really passionate about Hip Hop and I care about women in Hip Hop and I’m one of those emcees who don’t mind being called a female emcee because I am female.”

On why she does not mind the term ‘femcee’ or (female emcee), rather than just an emcee, she said “I don’t mind because I am female so it’s something you can’t miss. Yeah I’m the same lyrically and I’m dope lyrically but I am female.”

She expanded on her thoughts of the image of women in Hip Hop by bringing to the fore, how the way that women dress is perceived and how it feeds into whether people think a woman who raps is likely to be dope or not.

“If you’re an emcee, female emcee, and you wanna rap and you’re dressed in a short skirt and you’re styling yourself and tweezed people are like ‘you look weird, I can’t relate to you’ but if you’re dressed in trucker pants, all of a sudden we can listen to you because in as much as you’re scary because you’re female, you might have something to say – that’s how they look at it,” she said.

“But it’s just a matter of trying to change perceptions to say that a person can be equally just as gifted and still be a girl. What I want to see is for female emcees to enter the game and own what they have and then we will start seeing a progressive female front in Hip Hop.”

She added, “we’re in this space and I want females to know that they can enter the space and be who they are and we can have individuality in the Hip Hop space.” 

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Listen to the Full Interview here

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