The DuchAz Brings Her Kasi Mlungu Flavour To The Show Without A Name

Unconventional DJ, The DuchAz, joined The Show Without A Name, presented by The Pristine Queen, Azizzar today while Sonia The Future was away; and unpacked what it is like to be a white, Afrikaans woman with a deep love for House Music.

The DJ, whose real name is Anita Ronge, was born in Newcastle, where she says she found herself identifying more comfortable with black people and the Kasi lifestyle, despite having come from a family that she says has racism in it.

Of her journey in the industry, she says it’s been “inspirational… and such motivation because this is the time for females to rise”.

Speaking on her latest song Khuluma featuring Bluelle and Lizwi, she had that it was all spontaneous and happened because of instant chemistry. “I had the beat and I played it for her and Lizwi just jumped on it immediately… and her voice is just amazing – just [took] a risk and something beautiful came out,” she said.

She recently had her first baby and says it has been quite the experience for her. “I feel like women of our generation; we grew up watching our moms who had goals of being good wives and good mothers – that was their aspiration. Our aspirations are making our own money. It is a big decision that a woman needs to make in this day and age because it is really difficult,” she says.

A one-woman show (she is an independent artist) with a 9-5 job to boot and a new-born, the ambitious and driven 28-year-old says that she was gigging a month after her baby was born given the “out of sight, out of mind” nature of the entertainment industry.

For women who want to get into the industry, she says “know where you’re heading, be focused, believe in yourself and don’t sell your soul”.

Catch The Kasi Mlungu on social media on @TheDuchAz and catch the full conversation from today’s show, here:  

The Show Without A Name is presented by Sonia The Future and broadcast on MAssiv Metro on weekdays from 13h00-15h00 CAT.

Sihamba Phansi

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