It’s Ms Cosmo on The Show Without A Name

Popular Hip Hop DJ, Ms Cosmo joined Sonia The Future on The Show Without A Name and dropped gems on how she has grown her brand and maintained a successful DJ’ing career.

She detailed how she took on DJing as a career after having worked in the financial industry and having a naturally good ear for music. “I used to make compilations CDs for myself to listen to in the car. One of my friends and I took a road trip together and I think he enjoyed them and said I should look into DJing and a year later the DJ lessons came in”.

She added that one of the keys to success in DJ’ing and almost anything is respecting, and learning, the basics.

“I think a lot of people throw the basics to the side and don’t understand when certain things go wrong when they are on stage and it’s time to perform. And it always boils down to that and that’s the importance for me with education”.

Having shared stages with a number of prominent artists from across the world, Ms Cosmo also shared what she has learnt from those experiences as well as what some of the benefits of traveling are.

Currently, she says that she has had her focus on events, such as her “She Social” property that focuses on giving a platform to females in all genres of music; as well as her growth in the music production and distribution space.

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