The Element Kicks It With The Rudebouy Gemini Major

Super producer and artist, Gemini Major, kicked it with The Pristine Queen on The Element to talk all things Right Now and his upcoming projects.

He recently released his latest single featuring Nasty C and Tellaman, Right Now but is already making plans to drop an EP, first, and then his album thereafter.

“Right now I’m trying to find a sound for my album – I’ve already found it but it’s just putting it together. I also have an EP that I want to drop – but those are songs that are already ready. My album; I’m just figuring it out and finding myself more – my album is going to be more me,” he said.

Speaking on the latest Trap wave, he says he doesn’t want the Trap wave to die. “Trap is a genre of music and our point here is just to make music. Whatever you love – do what you love”.

“When you’re actually doing what you love, it sounds much better because you’re more comfortable; the thing that you love, you find more comfort in making that music,” he added.   

On how one can go about knowing what song will and won’t work in the market, the mastermind behind some of South Africa’s biggest Hip Hop songs such as Ragga Ragga and Hennessy, says that there isn’t a specific trick or formula.

“Some songs, it’s not that they’re not good enough, it’s just that maybe people didn’t understand it yet or maybe people are on a different vibe – but it doesn’t mean it’s not a good song”.

Despite having made smash hits, he says that there have been times when he doubted a song’s power and capability, one of these is Da L.E.S’s Lifestyle. “Everyone was not sure – for me, it was like a ‘whatever’ thing. We had fun making the joint in the studio and after we shot the video, then people started understanding the song. It was when we performed the song for the first time on stage, it made me feel good and that’s when I said ‘actually, no, this song is a smash’”, he added.

On his music-making process and where inspiration comes from, he says that the most random place he’s been inspired was at a funeral when he was listening to a choir that was performing. “The notes just hit you and you just get an idea in your head even though you can’t do anything about it at the time”.

His advice to producers who are trying to break into the game is “be different”.

“Sometimes it’s just a personality thing. Sometimes you meet some people and you feel [their] energy is not there and you don’t believe that they believe in themselves – just express yourself more”.

For the full conversation, listen here: 

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