#MASSIVTRAVELS – Massiv Mornings Takes a Sho’t Left to Fortis Malaga Hotel

Massiv Metro shut down South Africa’s Tourism Month celebrations with a quick sho’t left to Waterval Boven Fortis Malaga Hotel In Mpumalanga.

The Massiv Mornings team hit the road and headed out to their temporary home, Fortis Malaga Hotel where they took in sun, some heritage as well as got up close and personal with some horses.

On arrival, the team were treated to a special heritage lunch at the hotel as part of recognising South Africa’s heritage month – September – which runs concurrently with South African Tourism Month.The team, and other guests of the day, were welcomed with ginger beer; with lunch including various African dishes such as samp and tripe.

“The Last Sunday Heritage Lunch for me was a dive into the culture and tradition Mpumalanga is so vastly rich in – through food, of course,” said presenter Shèila Ndikumana.

She added, “the menu range really taught me a thing or two about what people in Mpumalanga love to eat… From the preparation of the meals to the servings, I can truly attest to the sense of pride and respect the community has for those before them by maintaining particular traditions and habits.”

Later in the day the team went to explore the Elands River Waterfall. The process of reaching the waterfall was a tough one which required a lot of digging deep from the team.

“We used our cellphone torches for light through the tunnel. We only had two cellphones that could help us maneuver through the tunnel – talk about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel,” said social media practitioner, Ona Peteke.

“I am extremely terrified of the dark. My heart was racing so fast. I kept telling the team that, I’m so scared of the dark that I even sleep with the lights On. However, as horrified as I was, it was an exciting experience and I would do it all over again”, she added.

The team then made their way back to the hotel, had dinner and had a team meeting on ways to make the OB a success the following day.

The last day of our visit, the team got into high gear as the Massiv Mornings OB took place.

Massiv Metro’s East African Queen, Shèila, interviewed the General Manager of the hotel Mama Ozwane Mahlangu as well as the longest employed staff member Mama Ivy Mashego – who’s been with the hotel for 43 years – and got a better sense of the hotel’s heritage.

Stone Circle Museum, is owned by Author, scientist and explorer, Michael Tellinger was the next stop.

He explained how he created a haven for travellers and tourists on the N4 to Nelspruit and is described as ‘the perfect stop-over by the Elands River in the mountainous town of Waterval Boven, for the hungry and the curious travellers’.

The final notch of the trip, before heading back to Johannesburg, was horse trailing on a farm owned by a lady by the name of Sue who has Eleven dogs in addition to the horses.

The horses that the team got acquainted with were Candy, Mango, Jess and Mambo.

Our presenter Sheila was so terrified and ended up not doing the Horse ride.
Social media maven, Ona also wanted to pull out, but ended up just being brave and doing the activity.

Overall, the team enjoyed the hospitality from the staff at Fortis Hotel Malaga and the Horse Trail.
A big thank you to Fortis Malaga, Tshepiso Phosa and Sue for all the amazing memories.


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