SADICO (4th Industrial Revolution)

Massiv Metro invaded Ekurhuleni, and brought Rocking, Real and Relevant fire at the SADICO YDx Leadership Summit where influencing the future was the agenda.

Held at the Birchwood Hotel in Boksburg, on Thursday 21 November 2019, the focus of the summit was the 4th Industrial Revolution.
The YDx Leadership Summit was held over the week of the 16th till the 23rd of November 2019 and was was aimed at educating young people and giving them more information on 4IR which will be taking over the world. The summit, through talks and practical activities sought to put power in the hands of the youth so that they can be ahead of this revolution and find innovative ways to to create job opportunities and shape their futures.

The Show without Name with Sonia The Future kicked off the festivities with a live broadcast from the event from 13H00 till 15H00.
She spoke to different young students that attended the summit and found out why the students thought it important to know about the 4th Industrial Revolution. She also unpacked why they felt it important to learn the new skills and how would they planned to implement what they learnt at the summit in their respective communities.

Then, our number 1 hustler, DJ Sbu took over with DJ Sbu live form 15H00 till 18H00 and took us home with Rocking, Real and Relevant entertainment, the way that only he can. During the show, he sat with legendary singer Bab’ Babsy Mlangeni where he spoke to the musical giant about his journey within the music industry, and dropped gems of wisdom learnt through his tenure in the entertainment industry. 

We then spoke to a SADICO representative to learn more about what the summit and 4IR is all about.

The Show Without A Name is presented by Sonia The Future and broadcasts live on Massiv Metro every weekday from 13:00-15:00.
DJ Sbu Live is presented by DJ Sbu and broadcasts live on Massiv Metro and Voice of Tembisa, 87.6FM, every weekday from 15:00-18:00. 

Sihamba Phansi.

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