Moonchild Sanelly Hangs with Massiv Mornings and Drops an Exclusive Song

International superstar, Moonchild Sanelly hung out with The Phly One, Penny Lebyane on Massiv Mornings and it was LIT to say the least.

Moonchild, with her signature MoonMop, got the studio buzzing in a twerk challenge with the ladies and also played an unreleased song recorded the night before, for the first time on Massiv Mornings.

She spoke of how her unique look has gotten her labelled as following Satanism as well as her friendship with Busiswah; being on the soundtrack of the new The Lion King movie as well as her spiritual beliefs.

Check the video, here to see what went down:

For the full conversation, listen here:

Massiv Mornings is presented by Penny Lebyane and broadcasts live on every weekday from 06:00-09:00, CAT.

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