The Weekend Special Takes The #Vinylmeltdown Public

Vinyl went Public this past weekend with The Weekend Special hosting their first #VinylMeltdown Sessions, at 86 Public in Ferndale.

The session, involved the team – DJ Duzy, The Usual Suspect and Boo-C – broadcasting live against a stunning Johannesburg backdrop; as well as 100% vinyl mixing with fellow music-lovers. The DJs who were present were Khulile Jiyane, Corny, Rakwena and Given K, who respectively brought the heat with their unique styles.

The extravaganza, which was fully packed from start to finish, started off with excited, but impatient, patrons requesting for the #VinylMeltdown session to start.  

By 8PM, the party was in full effect with everyone enjoying the quality of the music as well as the team’s personalities and, of course, the vibe of 86 Public – which is always a good time. While the official OB ended at 10PM, the Vinyl Vibes kept going until midnight with nobody wanting the party to end.

For more on what went down, be sure to check out our podcast page to hear the full vibe.

Catch The Weekend Special #VinylMeltdown Sessions, every first Saturday of the month at 86 Public in Randburg.

The Weekend Special is presented by Boo-C, DJ Duzy and The Usual Suspect, every Friday and Saturday from 19:00-22:00, CAT on Massiv Metro. Stream the show live on or download the Massiv Metro App on Google Play and Apple’s App store.

We’re Rocking.

We’re Real.

We’re Relevant.

Sihamba Phansi.

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