Crushin’ with Penny Lebyane, Massiv Mornings and Starbucks

Massiv Mornings and The Phly One, Penny Lebyane, hosted a crush party for the month of love at Starbucks in Rosebank and it was delicious, to say the least.

3 Penny Crushers, Kaletso, Mandla Ncube and Asavela Maholwana joined the party in the hopes of catching her eye and her heart for a breakfast date – and maybe even more.

We kicked things off at 6AM, as usual at the coffee spot and played games with the hunks and let them shoot their shot while having delicious coffee.

The idea was sparked by The Phly One wanting to call out all her so-called Crushers from over the years and have them put their money where their mouths are.

Fun flowed as contenders took part in a series of tests, quizzes and Massiv Mornings shenanigans in the hopes of being the chosen one.

We even had a random contender walk in and woo Penny by taking his t-shirt off and flashing his tattooes. Buuuut, it still didn’t get him the win.

The lucky gent of the day was Kaletso who won Penny over with his suave demeanour, Rocking knowledge in the Penny Quiz and on-and-off-air banter.

Look out for the video of what went down on Massiv Metro’s YouTube and on @MassivMetro on social media.


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