Great new offer from Mukuru

Mukuru , one of Africa’s leading remittance providers, has launched Mukuru Groceries – a service that will give South African based customers the ability to send groceries to their families and communities back home in Zimbabwe.

Customers can place orders for a basket of groceries that include 21 staples such as Mealie Meal, cooking oil, sugar, salt, rice, etc. To facilitate ease of use, this service is available via USSD and Whatsapp. For existing customers, Mukuru Groceries will not require them to register for the service, they can simply create orders via USSD and WhatsApp, making it as easy and affordable to send groceries home via Mukuru as it is to send money.

At a time when many families are struggling to obtain basic commodities, Mukuru Groceries will ensure that families are provided for and given the best chance to remain healthy throughout the crisis period.

Great new offer from Mukuru – Mukuru Groceries. Check it out their CEO Andy Jury telling us all about it.

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