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Recycling Heroes have it in the bag at the 2021 PETCO Awards

Meet the 13 recycling heroes and organisations who were awarded at this year’s PETCO Awards for their empowering impact on sustainability and for creating jobs. 2021 PETCO AWARD-WINNERS:  Environmental Education and Awareness Initiative: Siya Ntsumpa, Giving Them Wings.   The Giving Them Wings Foundation has established eco-clubs in 11 schools

Sanlam – Now is the time to plan

Even though 2020 came with its own financial challenges with plans unexpectedly put on pause – Now is not the time to give up

My First Love, My Galaxy

There are a lot of firsts that excite us in life, like getting your licence, your first car or first pay-cheque. How can we forget those amazing feelings?


Ayoba, the super app that’s changing the way Africa communicates

Made in Africa, for the world. Ayoba allows you to chat, browse the internet, share content, play games, listen to music and send messages to family and friends, all within one app. It’s the only app you need on your phone. All MTN customers get 1GB free data per month

Massiv Mornings Highlights: 19-23 October

Massiv Mornings with Penny Lebyane kicked off the week with #MASSIVCRUSHMONDAY with the one and only, Podcast King, MacGyver Mukwevho famously known as Mac G.  He spoke about his journey in the industry, why he and controversy are synonymous and what it takes to be the best at what you

No one should struggle to give their loved ones a dignified send off

Liberty has unveiled the Liberty Funeral Plus Plan which allows you to choose your benefits according to your financial situation, whenever you want, to help you manage your money in good times and bad. If there is one lesson we can all take from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that life