Introducing the Galaxy A31: Made for the Era of Live, the A31 Brings Selfies to Life in A Big Way

With the launch of the Galaxy A31, Samsung is giving you even more ways to capture and share your experiences. This is a device designed for a generation that wants to express themselves to the world and look good doing it – anytime, anywhere. Featuring a multi-purpose Quad camera, the Galaxy A31 has all the tools you need to tell your stories, no matter how big or small the subject matter is. Equipped with an immersive Infinity-U display and a powerful 5,000 mAh all day battery, the device lets you work, stream, and game for longer with ease.

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  1. How much is the price

    How much is the price

    1. Motlatjo

      R4 999.00

  2. U see I’m person who loves taking pictures so since i can’t afford the camera i would love to have i i felt in love the samsung A31 camera quality and plus the long lasting battery becouse i won’t be wasting money on buying batteries for the camera

  3. Gugu Zikalala

    #MassMetro #Galaxy31 love the 48MP 📷 it would be good for my pictures and tutorials

    Also love that it has long lasting battery especially because recording tutorials requires time , I’d love to win and own this beauty 😍❤️🤞🤞

  4. vushongi

    The Samsung A31 has a fantastic picture quality it us also reliable

  5. My Favourite feature is the multi – purpose Quad Camera because I love taking pictures everywhere I go and I love sam sung A31 I have been with Samsung family for 5years now .
    2 .5,000 mAh All day battery cause am phone addicts can’t live without it and have long lasting battery life its a blessing

  6. Goodness Masinga

    As long as we have pictures we can refer to no memories can ever really be forgotten . I am a lover of taking good pictures whether be it the sunset or rainbow I ensure that I capture lifes most beautiful things. The storage this phone has is something to die for and it just ticks all the boxes no to mention the battery and how long it can last . It has everything I want in a phone and if I had the finances I would definately get myself one.

    1. Motlatjo

      I love it due to its reliable Samsung Knox which protects it from the minute you switch it on and also due to its Game Booster because I am big on gaming #massivmetro #

  7. Sabo Kingsley

    It’s long lasting battery that’s the best part for me and I’m not a person who likes taking pictures but I would ti give the A31 a try

  8. inganathi Bukani

    im working long hours away from home doing outdoor activities the battery life will keep me in touch, comera will give clear memories( pics & videos), the selfie will keep me closer to my little son ( will be like im looking at him outside tje window)

  9. Nwabisa Ngcukana

    For me it’s the 5,000 mAh all day battery life because I am always on social media. I just hate waiting on a phone to be fully charged.

  10. Simphiwe

    I am person who likes taking pictures video you name it but now I can’t because of the phone I have the quality is very bad and the battery gives me a problem but I know with Samsung A31 it is last for days

  11. Mpho

    The phone would’ve great because I want to start a YouTube channel so my current phone lacks the quality to fulfill this dream..I have been using this brand for as long as I can remember.

  12. Buhle Zungu

    Ngidayisa emgwaqeni amafruits kanye nama vegetables neziphuzo mofire namanzi. A31 ngithanda ngoba Battery layo lihlala usuku lonke alipheli ngokushesha, iyasheshe nokugcwala uma uyishajile charge inezithombe ezinhle engikhombisa ngazo bathengi bami babethenga amafruits wami. 6.5 display

  13. Simphiwe

    #MassivMetro #GalaxyA31 I’m graduating next yr n I really need a phone with ths awesome features Folded handsQuad camera to capture more memories and the 5000mAh to make sure my phone allows me to capture every moment n not die on me

  14. Sizwe Kunene

    I’m inlove with the infinity-U display,not to forget the powerful 5000mAh battery,that allows me to work,stream videos thus my favourite content and enjoy my jolly games for a longer period of time,not worrying about my battery life.The Cameras are thee most incredible features too for great selfies,with 4 cameras where could anyone possibly go wrong.

  15. Sizwe Kunene

    Definitely has to be the powerful 5000mAh fast charge battery life that allows me to stream my favourite contents,do more gaming for longer with ease & the 48MP Quad camera,which gives me great photos and sleek selfies.
    #MassivMetro #GalaxyA31 @SamsungMobileSA

  16. Sizwe Kunene

    Definitely has to be the powerful 5000mAh fast charge battery life that allows me to stream my favourite contents,do more gaming for longer with ease & the 48MP Quad camera,which gives me great photos and sleek selfies.
    #MassivMetro #GalaxyA31 @SamsungMobileSA @MassivMetro

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