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Hip Hop is the name of the game with The Element, with The Pristine Queen, Azizzar every weekday from 13:00-15:00, CAT.

After a brief hiatus, The Element is back on Monday, 1 February 2021 and bringing you nothing but the best. Until then, here’s a look at some of the dope things that went down during the festive season for you to catch up on and feel the flow before we bring it bigger and better in 2021.

Moozlie channels the #SpiritOfAnOG

Hip Hop’s Griselda Blanco, Moozlie, came out swinging in the last few weeks of 2020 with the drop of her latest project, Spirit Of An OG.

The 16-track project channels various Hip Hop legends in a number of ways and allows Moozlie to showcase her skill on different sounds and show her musical influences. She kicked it with The Pristine Queen and unpacked the inspiration of the project, the production process and the message she was looking to get across. She also addressed the Samkelo Ndlovu rumours and put them to rest in a way that only Blanco could.

Catch up on the video of the interview here:

Download and listen to the podcast, here: 

Kid Tini on his #SecondComing

New School Bully, Kid Tini, came out of his musical break with his debut album in the form of the #SecondComing. The young lyricist explained what he felt Hip Hop needed to be saved from and how he was planning to do that.

Catch up on the video of the interview out at Ambitiouz Entertainment, here:

The Producer’s Spotlight with Mr. Instro

The Producer Spotlight brings to the fore the incredible producers behind some of our favourite music and puts us on game about their unique approaches to production and more. Presented by Mr. Instro through conversation with The Pristine Queen, the segment highlights elements of production that tend to get swept under the rug by the everyday person. The Producer Spotlight, presented by Mr. Instro is on The Element SA every Wednesday from 13:0013:30, CAT.

Catch up on the ways you can be a great cross-over producer through unpacking Will.I.Am’s career, here:

Catch up on the influence of DJ Culture on Producer Culture, through looking at DJ Scratch, here:

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It’s all #ForTheLoveOfHipHop.

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