KWESTA kicks it on #TheElement and talks g.o.d Guluva

Five years after they first, rapper, Kwesta and The Pristine Queen meet on The Element to unpack his latest album g.o.d Guluva and more.

Following the drop of the album in April 2021, Kwesta has had his fair share of ups and down in the media recently which has begged the question, “Is Kwesta okay and where to from here”.

He kicked it with the Queen to talk about the process of making the album, lessons learned recently and what it is he wants people to know about him.

“I’m a good human. I’m beginning to understand myself a lot more. The most well-intentioned people can do things for the benefit of someone else but it’s not received that way,” he says.

Check out the full video of the interview, here:

Download the audio podcast of the conversation, here:

The Element is presented by The Pristine Queen, Azizzar and broadcasts every weekday from 18:00-20:00, CAT all #ForTheLoveOfHipHop.

Massiv Metro. Sihamba Phansi.

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