5 THINGS WE LEARNT FROM KiD X on #TheElement with The Pristine Queen

After having dropped his previous album, Thank Da King, in 2018 KiD X dropped his much anticipated follow-up #FatherOfZen earlier this month and kicked it with The Pristine Queen on The Element to talk more about it.

Here are 5 things that we learnt from the 88 King’s chat with The Queen where he unpacked the album; spoke on Fatherhood, Lockdown & his state of mind:

  1. Pour your truth into your art
  2. Once you change the things you look, the things you look at will inevitably change
  3. The initial working title for the album was “I Thank You” – a follow up to “Thank Da King”, but also highlighting the time that a lot of the work for the album was done. In 2020, South Africa was under lockdown for a significant period of time and we were addressed by President Cyril Ramaphosa a number of times with COVID-19 updates. At the end of each address, the President closed off with “I Thank You”.
  4. Lockdown, and being indoors and introspective, made him really think about the kind of artist that he wants to be and the kind of art he wants to put out into the world.
  5. What you say is important, but equally as important is what you don’t say

From getting married just a couple of weeks before lockdown in South Africa to becoming a father in easily the craziest times, KiD X tells of the journey he’s found himself on over the past year and a bit and what his current state of mind is and how that has influenced the way he makes music.

Check the video out, here: 

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