5 things we learnt from Ms. Nthabi on #TheElement with The Pristine Queen

Following a brief hiatus, lockdown and more, Ms. Nthabi dropped the album E.N.E.R.G.Y on her birthday in November 2021.

The 13-track album explores themes of love, value, understanding one’s self and more; with features from PDotO, Reason, ZIYON, Phogane and more.

Ms. Nthabi kicked it with the queen on the show and unpacked how her latest project, E.N.E.R.G.Y, came about; making it and its significance.

Here are 5 key things that we learnt from Ms. Nthabi on The Element:

  1. N.E.R.G.Y, her 4th project, dropped on the 4th of November which happens to be her birthday

After having listened to the album and realising it had 13 tracks, the significance of the number 4 (3+1) for her became apparent and she decided to drop it on the 4th of November which happens to be her birthday.

  1. Yielding to your calling comes from understanding your purpose

“We’re put on this earth for a purpose and once you understand what that purpose is, you’re essentially yielding to your calling. You could have many callings – you could be good at many things but once you understand that ‘this’ is your core purpose then you’re essentially yielding to it”. 

  1. N.E.R.G.Y is intentionally light even though it has depth and explores deep themes

“People glorify pain. Yes, it’s important to tap into people’s struggles and you need to be relatable but it’s just so sad that we are just addicted to this pain. We love chest-pain music and that’s one thing I wanted to move away from with this album. I don’t wanna be in pain, I don’t wanna feel like my heart is breaking.”

  1. O.V.E is a doing word – it’s pure – and it doesn’t hurt

“What we expect is those we love to not hurt us but we just end up equating the pain that we feel from those we love as though love is hurting you. No, love is not hurting you, it’s the person you love who is hurting you”

  1. Freedom in life is embracing elevation

“Just vibrate higher no matter what you’re going through. They go low, you go high. Never ever lose yourself because of what’s happening around you”

Check out the full video of the Ms. Nthabi E.N.E.R.G.Y conversation on The Element, here:

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