5 things we learnt from The Cape Crusader, YoungstaCPT on #TheElement with The Pristine Queen

After having given us Things Take Time #3T and a number of singles between 2019 and 2021, YoungstaCPT teamed up with upcoming producer Shaney Jay to give us Dreams Don’t Pay Bills #DDPB in November.

The Cape Crusader kicked it with The Pristine Queen to chop it up about the collaboration. He spoke on how he and Shaney Jay got to work together, the Shane Eagle #Ammo collaboration; the role and value of producers in Hip Hop; struggling with the idea of being a role model and also showed love to Queen Azizzar and says she has qualities like the pioneering Angie Martinez.

Here are 5 key things that we learnt from YoungstaCPT on The Element:

  1. The #DDPB Launch was the first time YoungstaCPT held a music launch in Johannesburg in his whole career
  2. YoungstaCPT struggles with the idea of being a role model

“I lived a life before I rapped and I can’t unsee that. I can’t undo what I did – I did those things. I did stupid things, a lot of juvenile things, a lot of immature things that I can’t take back. I know I’m a role model but I don’t feel like one sometimes.”

3. “The Devil is not as powerful as you think he is” – YoungstaCPT

4. YoungstaCPT believes that the suffering that dreamers endure comes from God

“God don’t create us all with the same purpose and the same reason for living”

5. YoungstaCPT believes the producers have been the stars of Hip Hop over the last two years

“I can see that you’re purely in it for the creation of the art and nothing else. Eventually, yes, the success will come and you’ll see how that tests you. I’d say in the last two years of Hip Hop, it’s the producers that have actually outshined the rappers”.

Check out the full video of the YoungstaCPT Dreams Don’t Pay Bills conversation on The Element, here:

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