Ney The Bae talks all things ‘Ingwe’, making music and more on Phly 3 to 5 with Penny Lebyane

From selling weaves to being your favourite TV bae, Anele Zondo, popularly known as ‘Ney The Bae’ has added to her list of skills as she ventures into the music business.

After having dropped her debut single, ‘Ingwe’ ft. Given Zulu, Ney joined The Phly One, Penny Lebyane, on Phly 3 to 5 to talk more about the move, her reasons behind it and what more she would like to achieve in the space.

“At this point, to define is to limit. I have a lot of spots (like a leopard) which means a lot of talents which means a lot of Ney The Bae to be seen out there in the world,” she says as she kicks off her chat.

“I started recording music more than a year ago. So, I really wanted to put in the hours before the time. I just wanted to feel ready; I wanted it to feel like the most natural thing. So, 10 000 hours are definitely a real thing,” she says of her music-making journey.

WATCH the full Ney The Bae conversation on Phly 3 to 5, here: 

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Sihamba Phansi.

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