What you need to know about Lockdown Level 4 as we fight Covid-19

South Africa has been under a hard lockdown since the 27th of March 2020 following the ongoing spread of the Corona Virus 2019 (COVID-19). On 1 May 2020, the country went from Level 5 of the Lockdown as espoused in the Disaster Management Act 2020 regulations to Level 4. Here are the basics of what you need to know about Level 4 and its regulations as set out in the Disaster Management Act 2020: Movement of persons16. (1) Every person is confined to his or her place of residence.(2) A person may only leave their place of residence to– (a) perform an essential or permitted service, as allowed in Alert Level 4;(b) go to work where a permit which corresponds with Form 2 of Annexure A, has been issued;(c) buy permitted goods;(d) obtain services that are allowed to operate as set out in Table 1 to the Regulations;(e) move children, as allowed;(f) walk, run or cycle between the hours of 06H00 to 09H00, within a five kilometre radius of their place of residence; Provided that this is not done in organised groups (3) Every person is confined to his or her place of residence from 20H00 until 05H00 daily, except where a person has been granted a permit to perform an essential or permitted service as listed in Annexure D, or is attending to a security or medical emergency . (4) Movement between provinces, metropolitan areas and districts are prohibited except- (a) for workers who have a permit to perform an essential or permitted service who have to commute to and from work on a daily basis;(b) the attendance of a funeral, as allowed;(c) the transportation of mortal remains; and(d) for learners who have to commute to and from school or higher education institutions on a daily basis during periods when those institutions are permitted to operate. (5) Any person who was not at their place of residence, or work before the lockdown period and who could not travel between provinces, metropolitan and distr ict areas during the lockdown, will be permitted, on a once-off basis, to return to their places of residence or work and will be required to stay in such place until the end of Alert Level 4. (6) All industries, businesses, entities, both private and in the public sector, which are permitted to operate during Alert Level 4, must- (a) designate a COVID-19 compliance officer who will oversee the:(i) implementation of the plan referred to in subregulation (b); and(ii) adherence to the standards of hygiene and health protocols relating to COVID-19 at the workplace;(b) develop a plan for the phased in return of their employees to the workplace, prior to reopening the workplace for business, which plan must correspond with Annexure E and be retained for inspection and contain the following information:(i) which employees are permitted to work;(ii) what the plans for the phased-in return of their employees to the workplace are;(iii) what health protocols are

Crushin’ with Penny Lebyane, Massiv Mornings and Starbucks

Massiv Mornings and The Phly One, Penny Lebyane, hosted a crush party for the month of love at Starbucks in Rosebank and it was delicious, to say the least. 3 Penny Crushers, Kaletso, Mandla Ncube and Asavela Maholwana joined the party in the hopes of catching her eye and her heart for a breakfast date – and maybe even more. We kicked things off at 6AM, as usual at the coffee spot and played games with the hunks and let them shoot their shot while having delicious coffee. The idea was sparked by The Phly One wanting to call out all her so-called Crushers from over the years and have them put their money where their mouths are. Fun flowed as contenders took part in a series of tests, quizzes and Massiv Mornings shenanigans in the hopes of being the chosen one. We even had a random contender walk in and woo Penny by taking his t-shirt off and flashing his tattooes. Buuuut, it still didn’t get him the win. The lucky gent of the day was Kaletso who won Penny over with his suave demeanour, Rocking knowledge in the Penny Quiz and on-and-off-air banter. Look out for the video of what went down on Massiv Metro’s YouTube and on @MassivMetro on social media.   Massiv Mornings with Penny Lebyane broadcasts live, every weekday from 06:00-09:00. Listen live on www.massivmetro.com or download the Massiv Metro App on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Massiv Metro Opens Up The Industry On World Radio Day

World Radio Day 2020 was Massivly infused with young and fresh talent as we opened up the industry throughout the day. Its roots were established in 1946, with the 13th of February being the day that United Nations Radio was established. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) then proclaimed the 13th of February as World Radio Day at its 36th session. On 14 January 2013, the United Nations General Assembly formally endorsed UNESCO’s proclamation of World Radio Day. During its 67th Session, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution proclaiming 13 February as World Radio Day. According to the United Nations’ website, the purpose of the day is to “raise greater awareness among the public and the media of the importance of radio; to encourage decision makers to establish and provide access to information through radio; as well as to enhance networking and international cooperation among broadcasters.” This year marked the 9th edition of the celebration of the day, with the theme being “We are diversity radio”. Massiv Metro, adhered to the theme in a Rocking, Real and Relevant way by having student broadcasters from Boston Media House and OnCue Talent Management co-hosting with our DJs on our primetime slots for the day. Penny Lebyane put Onke and Skhumbuzo through their paces with a crash-course on radio and helping them hone in on their interviewing skills, with guest Nia Brown – also a rising broadcaster. Hear what happened with Nia on Massiv Mornings, here: DJ Sbu Live had Thato Ramogale and Thato Moloto from Boston Media House and they got a Massiv music injection with DJ Sbu’s unusual and fun way of doing radio. The guest for the day was Dr. Victor and you can listen here for what happened on DJ Sbu Live: 

The Weekend Special Takes The #Vinylmeltdown Public

Vinyl went Public this past weekend with The Weekend Special hosting their first #VinylMeltdown Sessions, at 86 Public in Ferndale. The session, involved the team – DJ Duzy, The Usual Suspect and Boo-C – broadcasting live against a stunning Johannesburg backdrop; as well as 100% vinyl mixing with fellow music-lovers. The DJs who were present were Khulile Jiyane, Corny, Rakwena and Given K, who respectively brought the heat with their unique styles. The extravaganza, which was fully packed from start to finish, started off with excited, but impatient, patrons requesting for the #VinylMeltdown session to start.   By 8PM, the party was in full effect with everyone enjoying the quality of the music as well as the team’s personalities and, of course, the vibe of 86 Public – which is always a good time. While the official OB ended at 10PM, the Vinyl Vibes kept going until midnight with nobody wanting the party to end. For more on what went down, be sure to check out our podcast page to hear the full vibe. Catch The Weekend Special #VinylMeltdown Sessions, every first Saturday of the month at 86 Public in Randburg. The Weekend Special is presented by Boo-C, DJ Duzy and The Usual Suspect, every Friday and Saturday from 19:00-22:00, CAT on Massiv Metro. Stream the show live on www.massivmetro.com or download the Massiv Metro App on Google Play and Apple’s App store. We’re Rocking. We’re Real. We’re Relevant. Sihamba Phansi.

Moonchild Sanelly Hangs with Massiv Mornings and Drops an Exclusive Song

International superstar, Moonchild Sanelly hung out with The Phly One, Penny Lebyane on Massiv Mornings and it was LIT to say the least. Moonchild, with her signature MoonMop, got the studio buzzing in a twerk challenge with the ladies and also played an unreleased song recorded the night before, for the first time on Massiv Mornings. She spoke of how her unique look has gotten her labelled as following Satanism as well as her friendship with Busiswah; being on the soundtrack of the new The Lion King movie as well as her spiritual beliefs. Check the video, here to see what went down: https://youtu.be/m9DcLCVcXRE For the full conversation, listen here: Massiv Mornings is presented by Penny Lebyane and broadcasts live on www.massivmetro.com every weekday from 06:00-09:00, CAT.