Radio Content Producer

We are looking for a creative, passionate and innovative content producer to join our team.

If you have 3 years’ experience in content production in the broadcasting space, then this opportunity could be for you.

We are a Rocking Real & Relevant media, sales and activation business, with a growing radio station at the core.


  • A highly organised, creative individual who is passionate about content and radio.


The core role and responsibility of the content producer is to ensure that shows, curated for key audience demographics, run as planned.  

In general, a producer’s responsibility will include:

  • generating and researching ideas for shows and pitching these
  • developing content, writing material for scripts, bulletins and links
  • sourcing potential contributors and interviewees
  • selecting music appropriate to the programme, the audience and the station
  • producing pre-production briefings for presenters, reporters, technical staff and other contributors
  • managing the logistics of getting people, resources and equipment together at the right place at the right time
  • undertaking editing, interviewing and reporting duties as necessary
  • managing presenters for both pre-recorded and recorded output
  • contributing to, and making use of, an archive of audio resources which can be re-used
  • responding to audience feedback, referring on to other departments as necessary
  • producing and making use of user-generated content.


  • Clear, effective and strong written and verbal communication
  • Strong analysis and assessment of situations
  • Fair judgment
  • Constructive problem-solving
  • Decision-making
  • Planning and Organization
  • Time Management
  • Attention to Detail
  • Accuracy
  • Ability to delegate
  • The ability to take initiative and be proactive
  • Integrity
  • The ability to adapt to environments and situations as required
  • The ability to have, foster and groom a team-player attitude
  • the ability to work as a part of a team and also independently
  • an awareness of current affairs and good general knowledge
  • the ability to get to grips with new subject matter quickly
  • a willingness to embrace new technology and learn technical skills
  • Self-confidence, persistence and determination to overcome rejection.
  • A practical understanding of social media and user-generated content such as podcasts, blogs and on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

To Apply:

Send a 250 word motivation along with 2 references, a CV and colour photo

Applicants must have a driver’s license and own vehicle.

Closing Date for applications:

31st March 2019


Dependent on candidate experience

Start Date:

May 2019

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